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A Complete Guide to IT Job Fairs in India

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Looking for a new opportunity in the field of IT? Job fairs can be the perfect platform to connect with potential employers and explore various career options. In India, IT job fair has become increasingly popular, offering a one-stop destination for job seekers and companies alike. 

Take a look at these stats:

  • The number of jobs created through fairs in India increased by 2.5 times.
  • More than 18,000 people got jobs from two IT recruitment fairs arranged by the Rajasthan government in 2023.

These events provide a valuable opportunity to network, learn about industry trends, and even secure on-the-spot interviews. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of IT job fairs in India, covering everything from events to tips for successful preparation. 

What is IT Job Fair?

IT career fairs are events where companies and job seekers come together to explore employment opportunities in the information technology sector. These fairs serve as platforms for connecting IT companies with potential employees. 

You can meet recruiters, submit resumes, and even participate in on-the-spot interviews. Meanwhile, companies use these fairs to showcase their job openings, network with talented individuals, and identify suitable candidates for their organizations. 

IT recruitment fairs provide a convenient and efficient way for both employers and job seekers to interact, exchange information, and potentially secure employment opportunities in the IT industry.


A successful example of an IT job fair Rajasthan is the DigiFest, organized by the Department of Information Technology and Communication (DoITC) of Rajasthan. This event attracted over 20,000 attendees and featured 250 companies from various sectors.

Benefits of Attending IT Career Fair

Here are some reasons why you should attend IT recruitment fairs:

  1. Networking opportunities

At IT career fairs, you get the chance to get career advices and talk to recruiters and professionals from different IT companies. This helps you grow your professional network, which could be really helpful for your career.

  1. Access to multiple companies

You can meet representatives from many companies all in one place. This means you have a lot of options for job opportunities, which increases your chances of finding the right fit for you.

  1. On-the-spot interviews

Some job fairs allow you to have interviews right there on the spot. This is great because it can speed up the hiring process, and you might even leave with a job offer!

  1. Discover hidden opportunities

By attending IT recruitment fairs, you can learn about job openings that might not be advertised elsewhere. This gives you an advantage in the job market, as you could find opportunities that others may not know about.

  1. Build confidence
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Job fairs provide a supportive environment where you can practice your elevator pitch and interview skills. This practice boosts your confidence for future job interviews, helping you present yourself more effectively to potential employers.

  1. Potential for offers

Some attendees of IT career fairs receive job offers or internship opportunities directly from participating companies. This makes job fairs a valuable avenue for securing employment, as you could potentially leave the event with a job offer in hand.

Types of IT Career Fairs

Here are the different types of IT job fairs:

  • General IT job fairs

These fairs cater to a broad range of IT professionals and companies, offering opportunities across various specialties and industries within the IT sector.

  • Specialized IT job fairs

These fairs focus on specific areas or niches within the IT field, such as cybersecurity, software development, data science, cloud computing, or artificial intelligence. 

  • University or college career fairs

Many universities and colleges host job fairs specifically for their students and alumni, connecting them with IT companies seeking entry-level talent or interns. 

  • Virtual IT job fairs

With the rise of remote work and digital connectivity, virtual IT recruitment fairs have become increasingly popular. These events take place entirely online, allowing job seekers to interact with employers through virtual chatrooms.

  • Government or community-sponsored IT job fairs

Some government agencies or community organizations organize job fairs focused on IT employment opportunities, often targeting specific regions or populations to support local economic growth. One example is the Rajasthan IT job fair government of Rajasthan organized in 2023. 

Popular IT Job Fairs in India

Here’s a list of some recent successful IT recruitment fairs in India:

IT Job Fair Rajasthan

Here are the three most popular IT job fair Rajasthan:

  1. IT Job Fair Rajasthan Jaipur (DigiFest 2023)

The IT job fair Jaipur was held on March 20 and 21 as a part of the 2023 Rajasthan DigiFest. During this event, 12,500 people got IT jobs in Jaipur. One person received an offer of Rs 36 lakh per year. 

This being the third edition of DigiFest and its resounding success, we anticipate more IT recruitment fairs in Rajasthan. Stay informed about upcoming events and ensure your participation by completing the IT job fair Jaipur registration to secure your spot and maximize opportunities.

  1. IT Job Fair Bharatpur (Mega Job Fair 2023)

This was another IT recruitment fair held in 2023, just two days after the DigiFest. During this event organized in Bharatpur on March 23 and 24, around 5,700 candidates were selected out of the total 25,000.

  1. IT Job Fair Rajasthan Jodhpur (DigiFest 2022)

This was the second edition of the DigiFest. In the last job fair, more than 15,000 youth were selected. So, for this event, more than 60,000 candidates registered online. It was organized by the Rajasthan government. In this three-day event (November 11 to 13), more than 250 companies participated.  

Here’s the IT job fair Jodhpur company list:

  • Infosys
  • Larsen and Turbo (L&T)
  • Bhawan Cybertech
  • KPMG
  • Genpact
  • Orion Pro
  • Genus
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IT Job Fair In Chennai

Here are some of the latest IT career fairs in Chennai:

  1. SYSTRA Walk-in Job Fair

SYSTRA India conducted the Chennai Walk-in Job Fair on January 20, 2024. Located at SYSTRA MVA Consulting’s Chennai office, this event offered exciting IT job opportunities in Chennai for CAD and BIM Technicians with 2 to 10 years of experience. 

  1. Mega Job Fair

The Mega Job Fair organized by TSSC at Jerusalem College of Engineering took place on March 16, 2024. With over 1000 candidates participating, it provided a prime opportunity for attendees to connect with top employers. 

How to Find Upcoming IT Job Fair?

Finding upcoming IT recruitment fairs can be important for professionals seeking new opportunities in the industry. Here’s how to find them:

  • Online job boards

Check popular online job boards and career websites for announcements and listings of upcoming IT recruitment fairs. Websites like Hirist, Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Naukri often feature information about upcoming job fairs and career events.

  • Professional associations

Join relevant professional associations or industry groups related to IT, such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), or specific groups related to your field of interest (e.g., data science, cybersecurity). These organizations often host or promote IT career fairs and networking events for their members.

  • University and college career centers

If you’re a student or recent graduate, check with your university or college career center for information about upcoming IT career fairs. Many educational institutions organize career fairs specifically for students in IT-related programs or disciplines.

  • Company websites

Keep an eye on the careers or events sections of IT companies’ websites. Some companies host their own job fairs or participate in industry-specific events, which they may advertise on their websites.

  • Local newspapers and magazines

Check local newspapers, magazines, or community newsletters for advertisements or articles about upcoming job fairs happening in your area. Some job fairs, especially those organized by government agencies or community organizations, may be promoted through traditional media channels.

If you are looking for the latest IT job opportunities across India, visit Hirist. It is an online job portal specially developed for the tech sector. At Hirist, you can connect with more than 50,000 recruiters from the top IT companies in India. It is a more convenient way of searching for tech jobs compared to IT recruitment fairs. 

Preparation Tips for IT Job Fairs

Here are some tips to successfully prepare for IT career fairs:

  1. Research companies

Before the job fair, research participating companies to understand their products, services, and culture. This helps you tailor your approach and target the companies that align with your career goals.

  1. Register on time

Register for the job fair in advance to secure your spot and receive important updates and instructions. Early registration ensures you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities and resources provided by the event organizers.

  1. Update your resume
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Ensure your resume is up-to-date, highlighting relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. Bring multiple copies to distribute to potential employers.

  1. Prepare your elevator pitch

Write a concise and compelling elevator pitch introducing yourself, highlighting your skills, experiences, and career aspirations. Practice delivering it confidently.

  1. Dress professionally

Dress in professional attire that aligns with the industry standards. A neat and polished appearance creates a positive first impression.

  1. Bring the necessary documents

Carry essential documents such as copies of your resume, identification, certificates, and a notepad for taking notes.

  1. Develop questions

Prepare thoughtful questions to ask recruiters about the company, job roles, culture, and opportunities. This demonstrates your interest and engagement.

  1. Practice interview techniques

Be prepared for on-the-spot interviews by practicing common interview questions and responses. Showcase your skills and experiences effectively.

  1. Network effectively

Approach networking opportunities with enthusiasm and confidence. Engage with recruiters and professionals, exchange contact information, and follow up after the event.

  1. Follow up

After the job fair, send personalized thank-you emails to recruiters you met, expressing your appreciation and reiterating your interest in the opportunities discussed.

IT Virtual Job Fairs – The Latest Trend

A virtual IT career fair is an online event where job seekers can interact with employers, attend seminars, and participate in interviews from the comfort of their homes. It’s like a regular job fair but on the internet.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of virtual platforms for recruitment events, leading to increased popularity.

Benefits of IT Virtual Job Fairs

Here are some benefits of virtual IT career fairs:

  1. Convenience: Attend from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Cost-effective: Save on travel and accommodation expenses.
  3. Access to global opportunities: Connect with companies worldwide.
  4. Flexibility: Access event materials and recordings at your convenience.

Best Practices of IT Virtual Job Fairs

Here are some best practices for attending a virtual IT job fair:

  1. Test technology: Ensure a stable internet connection and test audio/video equipment beforehand.
  2. Dress professionally: Present yourself as you would for an in-person event.
  3. Prepare your workspace: Choose a quiet, well-lit area for video calls.
  4. Engage actively: Participate in discussions, ask questions, and follow up with recruiters.
  5. Follow up: Send thank-you emails and connect with recruiters on professional networking platforms post-event.


IT job fairs in India offer great opportunities for both job seekers and employers to connect and explore job options in the tech industry. These events provide benefits like networking, meeting various companies, and immediate interviews, all of which can greatly improve your career prospects. 

If you are currently looking for IT jobs, visit Hirist. With the latest job listings and a simple user interface, you can easily find your ideal tech job anywhere in India. Simply install the app and search for jobs on the go.


  1. Is job fair useful?

Yes, job fairs are useful as they provide opportunities for both job seekers and employers to connect and explore job options.

  1. What is digital job fair?

A digital job fair is an online event where job seekers can connect with employers and explore job opportunities virtually.

  1. What should I wear to a job fair?

Wear professional attire, like business casual or formal clothing, to a job fair.

  1. What is the best job IT portal?

Hirist is one of the best job portals, offering a wide range of IT job opportunities in India.

  1. What happens in Mega Job Fair?

In a Mega Job Fair, numerous employers gather to offer a wide range of job opportunities to job seekers.

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